Time to upgrade…the Internet!

After almost six years of running the old site I have decided to move to one powered by WordPress. My hopes are to share experiences, notes, ideas, and what-have-yous, all made possible by the new setup that will also make it easier to share while saving time. As you can see below, the old site logged just under 72,000 hits since the counter was reset in 2015. I thank everyone who visited my page in the past, please check in for upcoming posts!

Old self hosted, self written php website for “kc9zxm.com”

My inspiration comes from a couple of hams named Fred, AB1OC and Anita, AB1QB . They have did a fabulous job of sharing their notes and experiences on their site stationproject.blog. Their page is defiantly worth following, though don’t expect the same from me, Fred and Anita are both engineers, having a combined years of experience that doubles my age. I respect what they have done and I believe that my blog will add to insight to the new ham with less time and resources.

-Brad KC9ZXM